Error while creating new interview

A few of our field workers are also reporting this error messages while starting a new interview. This doesn’t popup in every interview. Only 2 (of 8) have reported this to occur 1-2 times a day.

After this error the app crashes and they have to restart it. They then find the interview in started tab as well as an option to create a new interview (this is a single interview assignment).

PS: I have not been able to verify the duplication of interviews.

Dear @ashwinikalantri,

Please send the tablet logs and other according to the green checklist to the support email.
My colleagues will investigate.

Thank you, Sergiy

I have sent the logs to the support email.

Dear @sergiy,

Is there an update on this issue? A quick update will be appreciated.


Hello @ashwinikalantri ,

version 21.05.5 (build 31295) touches the issue, but whether it closes it comprehensively we don’t have a confirmation yet.

If you can update at this time, please do and continue observing the tablets if they encounter the same issue again. If the issue continues, please send the fresh logs from the updated version to the support email.

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy I am sorry, this issue was resolved after the update to 21.05.5. We have another issue that needed your attention. I posted on the wrong thread.