Error while creating a new assignment

Hi Good day,

An unexpected error occurred. We are sorry for inconvenience.

I get the above error when trying to create a new assignment. How do i solve this. I have previously created assignments on the specific questionnaire, so i wonder why i am having an error this time round.

Would you agree that in your case the application “became unstable”? or “has some functionality not available, while other functionality is working fine”?

Hi @sergiy i dont understand what you mean by the application becoming unstable, but also when i try out batch applications, that’s the error i get.

Any help rendered will be appreciated.

Do you mean this error appears when you try to create a single assignment one at a time as here?

In another thread, you appear to have problems with data export, I believe, on the same server.

At the risk of jumping to a conclusion without much information, I wonder if there are problems with the server infrastructure (e.g., problems with your server reaching the database behind it, too few computational resources available to the server, etc). Looking at the logs, as Sergiy suggested in the other thread, might help.

In all likelihood they ran out of storage space, but the user seems to be reluctant to confirm the symptoms that I have asked about, that are listed here.