Error WB0130


I have a create a roster of income generating activities with a fixed set of items (I have called it “IGA”) and my enabling condition is (@rowcode<=1 || IGA[@rowcode-1].autre_agr==1) with autre_agr being a question in the roster asking if there is another IGA to list.
But I get the error below:
“[WB0130]:You cannot use child entities in enablement condition for sections, subsection and rosters.”

can you please advise?


Dear Lorraine,

this syntax which was valid before is no longer possible in Survey Solutions.
Please, look for an alternative design that does not require this syntax, such as ask for the number or list of activities upfront.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Sergiy,

That’s a shame! This syntax was very useful as it is not always easy to get a comprehensive list of activities in one go. Also, it was easier to work with for enumerators in comparison to the full list of roster section in one go. Can I ask why you decided to disable this syntax? Are you planning to restore something similar in the future?

Many thanks,