ERROR: Unexpected stream version

I have a questionnaire that has 6 identification questions in the form of cascading combo boxes. The cover questions corresponds to the 6 levels of political-administrative organization of the country. In parentheses, the number of records for each category is shown.

SECTION (1599)

When I test the questionnaire using the Designer Web Tester, everything works fine, I’m able to answer the questionnaire.

However, when I install the questionnaire in my PDS, the questionnaire behavior show these situations:

  1. Sometimes it doesn’t display any records in the comboboxes for the cover questions. The comboboxes are empty. I have to upload the questionnaire again in the HQ server.

  2. Sometimes it shows the following error message:

Thinking that it might be a behavior derived from the limited resources of a PDS, I decided to install the questionnaire in a more powerful server (4 CPUs, 16GB RAM) and I got the same results.

What might be the underlying cause of the problem?


Dear @aguinada ,
We reproduced your issue on current version of Survey Solutions and the error message, that you mentioned, shows up on the screen but for PARAJE: question only. However, the categories are displayed in combo boxes in the regular way and this scenario works fine on our server. We raised the ticket to fix this defect.
Thank you for the report.