Error to export data with API Swagger UI

Hi SS team,

I have been doing tests with the export of data from the API, in the previous versions I worked without any problem, but currently I can not perform the export of data as I did before, I see that a format was added to send to the queue but in The Swagger I don’t see any of these parameters. When executing the JSON it shows the 404 error, I will appreciate your support if you help me with the new documentation or indicate what additional step is the one that I must follow. I enclose some screens of the generated.


More general question, not related to the release of a new version: Did you start the export file creation through the POST command?

When looking at your Request URL the Version indicator ($1) becomes %241. Not sure if it was like that before in older releases. In general it shouldn’t be an issue as %24 is the ASCI Encoding reference for “$” character. But I am exporting data through API using other softwares with the request URL still using the “$”-sign to indicate the version which continues to work just fine. But maybe the software (R for example) is automatically translating it to “%24” in the POST/GET commands…

the error points to the export file not generated before an attempted download.

  1. test the download manually from the server by logging as an HQ or Admin; if it doesn’t work manually - report a bug;

  2. make sure you wait for the generation to complete. the process is not instantaneous.

  3. if Peter is right, then the generation query should also fail with some error code, inspect carefully what the POST method returns.

Best, Sergiy