I have an error in my server !
‘Request with status code 500’
'TypeError : Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘title’)

I did not understand what the problem is!

You should not be seeing this error.
What is the server address and software version that you are running?

Hi Sergiy,
I used the IP address of my VM (Ubuntu).
I installed survey solution with docker (Deployment with Docker)
I restarted the VM and I generated the application another time, I found that the problem was solved. But I don’t understand what exactly is the reason.
Best Regards,
Said Hassen

Not helpful. I still don’t know the version after your answer.

I see at least two possibilities:

  • either you did something wrong the first time and you didn’t do the same mistake when repeated, or
  • the version at the Docker has changed while you were fighting the problem and you installed a newer version, where the problem has been fixed.

In either case, that’s all we know.