Error 'Request failed with status code 500' when testing in designer

Hi Survey Solutions team,
I am trying to run tests for a CAPI we scripted from the designer platform. The following message keeps appearing in an unpredictable way:
What I mean by unpredictable is the following:

  • I could run tests smoothly on the same script a few weeks back
  • In the past couple of days, I did not manage to complete a single test of the full survey. All the times the error appeared, I had to start from scratch. Sometimes the error appeared on questions that run smoothly in previous attempts
  • I used different web browsers (chrome, edge, even explorer!) → no luck
  • Colleagues in my team are facing the same issues
  • This seems to be an issue with the server, but we did not set up the server yet for the project - we’re only testing the survey from the designer platform

Thank you in advance for your help!