Error on Questionnaire Designer Test

Dear SS team:

I attach some images with some errors that have occurred throughout this
morning during several´s questionnaire test in the Designer.

Could it be a problem in the BM Server?

Dear @aortiz_dd ,

try the following:

  • log out of the Designer app;
  • close all your browser windows and restart your browser;
  • clear the cookies;
  • go to the Designer site again and re-login;
  • retry web-tester for your questionnaire.

Best, Sergiy

Dear Sergiy:

I followed your recommendations but the error continues

Dear @aortiz_dd,

We’ve made improvements in the system.
Please let us know if this issue reappears.

Dear Vitalii
I worked with Designer for some hours but the issue appears again.

The link above comes from the issue where said More Information

There is a new problem with the Web Test in the Designer.

When I compile my questionnaire on the Designer is not any error, but if I try to use Web Tester there is.

In Tester app :

Other questionnaire in Web Tester:

Is the site under maintenance?

We’ve made improvements to our code.
Please let us know if this issue reappears.

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Hello Vitalii Today a new issueas reapears in the Designer Tester Web