Error msgs "Only tab-separated values files are accepted"&"Option value should have only number char

I have searched the forum and not found this issue: in the Designer site, I have duplicated the public WASH module of the HH characteristics template (

I am wanting to add some response categories to Q1, so I choose “Upload new options”. I can export the current csv file to my desktop, and re-upload it. If I make no changes but click save (like I have to if I am to make any changes), retaining the same name and csv extension, the re-upload returns an error message: “Only tab-separated values files are accepted”.

I can make changes and save as Tab Delimited Text and upload. But then clicking “Apply” returns “Option value should have only number characters”. I get the same error message if I export the current csv file to my desktop, save as Tab Delimited Text, make no changes, and upload.

I’m guess there’s a simple solution I am not yet getting?

Dear Libbet,

to add response categories for the question “1. What is the main source of drinking water for members of your household?” uncheck the option “Combobox” add the options you need, then check the combobox checkbox again.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

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