Error msg when installing Survrey Solution - windows server 2012r or newer


The computers in my department are Windows 10 Education, and it seems that it doesn’t meet the requirements of the installation. Is there a way to bypass this challenge? Or the only solution will be to upgrade the system?

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Hello @omershlomi ,

refer to Server Requirements in the documentation:

You could certainly ask Microsoft to alleviate these limitations by changing their product line, but these changes will in all likelihood become effective only in the next generation of Windows (12?), which may be too long to wait if you are under pressure to collect the data asap. Plus, you’d still need to move away from your current OS, which I am reading you are trying to avoid.

Best, Sergiy

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@omershlomi , if you can install a new OS, consider Linux (free). From there, you can deploy Survey Solutions via Docker. See more here.

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