Error message when importing translation sheet - more details would be helpful

Hi Survey Solutions Team

Since the update of the designer to 1810, I am getting an error message when updating a translation, saying something like “found errors in excel file”. There no details to work out what the problem might be.

I am using a system in which we manage translation externally, download the translation file from Survey Solutions, replace the values (paste values) in the sheet Translations, delete the excess rows and upload the sheet again. The rest of the Excel remains untouched. This has worked seamlessly in version 1808. I have updated the system to match the new exporting format, but cannot work out why it no longer allows the importing of the Excel sheet. Could it be the deleting of some rows or that my sheet is sorted differently?



Andreas, in v18.10 a new column now appears in the Excel file containing a variable name (where applicable). Check that you have that column in the files you are uploading and that the values you’ve pasted didn’t shift one column on a side.

Thanks Sergiy. Yes, I had seen the variable column and updated our system accordingly, its very useful information for context when translating. Just played around with it more, and got it to work, the column Translation was not called Translation but had the name of the language. My bad, apologies.

If there is a way to easily give more detail in the error message upon saving the translation file, this would be super helpful in those situations (e.g. Column X not found on Sheet Y).