Error Message: "Server timeout elapsed without receiving a message from the server"

User Pyone has sent us the following question:

I’ve logged into the workspace [as HQ], but after I open up a completed questionnaire or those approved by supervisor, I get the message “Error: Server timeout elapsed without receiving a message from the server”. Should I be logging on through a different network?

The error message is probably coming not from Survey Solutions itself, but from the signalr communication technology and could be evidence of inadequate connection quality between the server and the machine from which the HQ user connects.

  • If the message is issued only rarely and doesn’t occur again when the same action is retried, then it is probably situational - reflecting the connectivity state between the two machines. Proceed as you’d normally do when working with online apps - check the last thing you were doing before the disconnect, see if the last action succeeded, repeat if not.

  • Yet, if the user constantly experiences this problem, especially when trying to open different interviews, connecting from different devices/networks, or when many users experience that same problem, it could be evidence of a problem on the server side.

It is not clear from the question whether this is indeed the case, but trying connecting from a different (and more reliable network) is something worth trying in this case.

Additionally, the server admin may explore the signalr diagnostics (Websocket connectivity check) as described here: Healthcheck .This diagnostics is not accessible to the HQ user.

Best, Sergiy