Error message in thousands separator in Spanish

Dear friends

My questionnaires are set up in Spanish. When I use the option “Use separator 1000” in numeric questions, the following error appears in the webtester and in the supervisor page:


This could bring some problem for the interviewer? Is there any way to fix it?

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The issue is not related to the language of your questionnaire, but to the language setting of the browser which you are using to test the questionnaire (or the Windows localization settings that control the settings of the browser).

Check with the Survey Solutions Tester App on the real tablet (install from Google Play) with the language setting corresponding to the one that will be used by your interviewers.

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I checked using the tester application on the tablet and had no problems, thanks!!

Good, Nacho,

thank you for confirming!

Still it would be good to contact the support team with the details on the settings of your browser and OS with which you had the above message.

This should improve the compatibility of the web-interviewing sub-system.

Regards, Sergiy