Error listing question in python through API

I tried using API to perform task using python and visited for guidance. But I keep getting this error.

what am I doing wrong?

Looks like exactly what the message says - a typo in the spelling of the class name.
Check against the spelling in the file which defines it.

Best, Sergiy

looks like there was spelling mistake on github. instead of “QuestionnaireApi” its “QuestionnairesApi”.
still I get the following error:
TypeError: init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘session’
can you tell me why am I getting this error?

There is a technical issue for which the latest version (0.0.9) was not uploaded to the pypi, currently published 0.0.8 indeed has the bug.Please install/update the package directly from the github for now:

pip install

the new (working) version is on pypi, so please run

pip install -U ssaw

I keep getting this error

TypeError: init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘session’

let’s try to manually update that dependency:

pip install -U sgqlc

then check installed versions:
pip list

you should have sgqlc of version 11 and ssaw 0.1