Error in the web-testing for specific section "request failed with status code 500"

While testing a questionnaire, a specific section would not load when I click on it, and instead I receive a message on the top right corner that reads “request failed with status code 500”.
The questionnaire compiles fine in the designer. After backtracking some changes that I introduced, it seems that this issue is caused by a combination of 2 factors:
1- using a hyperlink that would show a pop-up box to define a term in the question under the roster
2- set the roster in matrix view.
If I change the view of the roster to flat for example, the error does not appear and i can test it fine.

Hello @KCC,

I could not reproduce the issue that you’ve described. Everything seems to be working normally:

  1. Roster in the matrix form.
  2. Link.
  3. Popup box.

Perhaps, some crucial piece is missing in your description.

Hi @Sergiy,
In your example the hyperlink with popup box is not in the question text for the matrix itself. It shows up in the following question.
Please see the example below:

I just created this one, it compiles without any issues, and when i test, the page loads but if i click on that section it gives me the same error:

When I remove the hyperlink, it loads without any issues.

Thank you @KCC for reporting the issue!

I confirm this has been reproduced and is a bug, it has been ticketed here: Section doesn't open in web interview under some conditions · Issue #2279 · surveysolutions/surveysolutions · GitHub

This will be fixed in a future version.

For the moment I can recommend the following workaround: Assign a variable name to the section, include that name as the destination for your link.

Thank you @sergiy !
We’ll use the workaround in the meantime.