Error in the server?

I created a new survey and it works fine on designer when I test it. But once I assign the interviews from the server, when it is open from the tablet I can see only I white page.
I’ve tried with different tablets and the error persists. I also tried with a different survey from the same server and it works. Eventually I tried with the initial survey but using the web mode and it works as well.
Therefore I’m struggling to understand where the problem can be. Do you have any idea?

Can you reproduce the problem using the publicly available demo server?

Thank you for your answer Sergiy. I succeeded to upload my survey (mechanization_farmer) on the demo server but I cannot create an interviewer account and thus try if the survey works from this survey. Could you help me with this?

I see about 80 interviewer accounts created in the demo server by various community users.

Go to administration, select users then add user and configure the new account properties.