Error in creating new assignments

Good day,

I tried to create new assignment for my new imported survey to HQ but there’s an error prompting after loading the create assignment page. Please see image below.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you,

Hi Jem,

it looks like the server has failed to respond within the time that your browser was ready to be waiting (timeout value).

If this value is not trivial for your browser (e.g. if you didn’t set it to 1 sec or something like that), then the problem is with the server. Clearly, it is not possible to figure out what specifically from the screenshot you show, so check out the server logs.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Here is a screenshot of the server diagnostics that we were able to find. As for the audit log, the event for creating assignments did not register

Audit log


@kokolamaki , the audit log will not contain any errors. It is for tracing what YOU were doing, not for what was the SERVER doing. You need to:

  1. review the server logs, see Application log files here: Data Server Errors
  2. check the websockets as described here:

Best, Sergiy

Any update on the web sockets check?

Hi Sergiy,

Here is the current web socket interval.

But still we can’t create new assigment.

Not good. Even though it says PONG received, it is received via LongPolling, not WebSockets.
Compare with the benchmark here.
Whoever is in control of that server must make sure that the WebSockets are available.