Error in Bulk Assignment in version 21.01.6

Dear All

We are having an issue with bulk assignment with version 21.01.6. The issue is as mentioned in the picture

Hello @tsheringcee ,

you wrote “Error in Bulk Assignment”, and that “The issue is as mentioned in the picture”.
Where is the error in the picture?
Please explain.

Thank you, Sergiy

we are not able to assign any interviews. The number as mentioned in the pictures stays in zero and (0 of 24) and then it does not proceed further.

Try to replicate with a different server/contemporary version.

You can try with a hypothetical or anonymized data to protect respondent’s privacy.
E.g. “JJJJJ PPPPP” instead of “John Peters” for names or “555-5555” instead of “532-1204” for phones, etc.

If it works in a PDS/demo server, upgrade your installation.
If it doesn’t work in PDS/demo server - do let us know where you’ve tried.

It works in the latest version. It does not work in this version 21.01.6. Is it because of the version.

Can you tell us the limit for the number of assignments in survey solutions.

The limits that were consciously and intentionally introduced by the developers are listed at the following page:

As far as I know, no limit was intentionally introduced on the number of assignments in the HQ all together or within a single workspace (but do check the table to be sure).

Technically, the assignment number is declared as a C# int value, which according to Microsoft has a range of -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. (see here: Integral numeric types - C# reference | Microsoft Docs), so billions of assignments are possible theoretically.

If there is any problem with creating assignments due to their number you will likely experience it differently (for example if you try to reach the maximum number of assignments you may run out of disk space before you actually do reach that max). I do not expect you to be anywhere within that limit for the number of assignments shown in the screenshot (24) or for the number of households in your country in general (less than a quarter of a million).

Hence the problem is likely with something else, not the limit on the number of assignments.