Error GPS How to solve?

Dear Survey Solutions Team

Currently I processing a Survey using with Survey Solutions to collection data. In this survey I have used cloud with AWS but Unfortunately, my team cannot collect GPS number(error GPS). Can someone help me to solve this problem?

Why can’t your team collect GPS data?

In tablet all location is open when they are tab to collect GPS it alert error as shown in picture above.

  1. Do what the red message suggests. It is actually trying to help.
  2. Check the Interviewer App permissions
  3. Check if your tablet has GPS
  4. Contact your survey coordinator to inspect the tablet and replace if necessary

Dear @sergiy

During training questionnaire I use DPS cloud it work properly ( not error at all) in tablet but when I change to my cloud (AWS cloud) it error in GPS as shown in picture above.

Best Regard

Capturing GPS happens on the tablet. It is not related to which server you will later send the data to.
As a matter of fact, you can capture the location even in the Tester App, which doesn’t send the data anywhere. (but, clearly, don’t use the Tester App for data collection).

Many thanks @sergiy

May you show me how to solve with this problem in Tablet. Even in my saver also appear in picture attached. It doesn’t work too

This is a different problem not related to the GPS issue described above.
See this 3rd party explanation: