Error for exporting data to STATA or SPSS

I have an own server for the HeadQuater (version 20.01.7 (build 27039) ) with a certificat HTTPS://.
The interview use the web mode to field the questionnairies. Everything is OK, but I have some problems to export the datas to SPSS or to STATA.
The error are joined here

I have update my local server to version 20.05.2 (build 28471) but in the export I have this error

The logs file are here

Please check documentation regarding export service configuration

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for the link. I check the link and apply the instruction.

  1. The url **http://localhost:5000/.hc** work perfectly because I got **Healthy** for result.
  2. I also modify the BaseUrl in appsettings.Production.ini. The content of the file is


  1. I restart the service SurveySolutionsExport. But in Headquarter (Menu Export) I have
    Export service is not available

I take a look in the logfile export-service.20200606.log and i see this error
la relation « hq_e17c2a3e-4de8-4ec0-ab23-93b35f925e91.__generated_questionnaire_reference n’existe pas

Have I to modify the defaut connectingString in file appsettings.ini in folder ExportService ?

Finally, the problem is resolved.
I reinstalled version 20.05.2 (build 28471) using a new empty database without using the old database of version 20.01.7 (build 27039).