Error Fail to import questionnaire to Headquarters

I am getting the following error when trying to import a questionnaire from the Designer.
Error: ‘Fail to import questionnaire to Headquarters. Please contact support to resolve this problem.’

I have the last version: 23.09

@lawren , does the import of the same questionnaire to PDS or the demo server succeed?

If the import to PDS works it’s almost certain that there is a problem with your environment and you should fix it.

what kind of problem? I waste a lot of time in this error without solution. I have to import the questionnaire

The recommendation is to try with a different server, not the one you tried with. If it succeeds there, then the problem is not related to any of our infrastructure (pointing towards your server installation/configuration).

We don’t know yet. The message doesn’t reveal the reason. But from the recent occurrences could be something along the lines of this.