Error during Local server update to v 21.09

When installing the latest version 21.09 on the local test server it gave an error.
Can you help us to solve this problem.?


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Continuing the discussion from Error during Local server update to v 21.09:

We are facing an issue on one of our devices (details below). The assignments are getting downloaded on the device but they are not getting uploaded to the server. The following error message appears after synchronization “Synchronization completed with errors” .

Full server name:

User name (login): Team1

Date and time when the problem was last experienced:

Last successful sync: 2022-01-20 04:42:49 (UTC)

Synchronization duration: 00:01:30.0445190

Connection speed: 15.0 KiB/s

134.4 KiB uploaded, 814.5 KiB downloaded

However, assignments only got downloaded, no assignments were uploaded

Version of the Android operating system: 10 Q(29)

Survey Solutions Interviewer App version: 21.05.7 (build 29684)

I can send you the support package if required.