Error downloading PDF version of the Questionnaire

Dear SS,

I am unable to download the pdf version of the questionnaire from the Designer.
While clicking on ‘Generate PDF’, another button appears ‘Retry export as PDF’ and selecting this gives the error message ‘Request failed unexpectedly’.

Many thanks,

Hi @togar

  1. Is it happening in all your browsers?
  2. Do you try close your session and sign in again?
  3. Somebody in your team has the same error?
  4. Finally how about your internet connection?

I try your case and all my test was succesfull. I’m using Google Chrome as web broser.

Many thanks, it is working now. Appreciate the advice points, which I will take note of.


The issue seems to be related to the functioning of the Designer software, not a particular questionnaire.

It should be working now, but it the issue resurfaces, please revive this thread.