Error connection between Headquater and Designer : import questionnary

I use the headquater version 21.09.8 (build 32026).
Since 1 hour, I can’t import a questionnary in the headquater because I didn’t connect on Designer from “import questionnary” in the headquater. The error message is below

Its working for us (on 22.02.5). Just to be sure, you should be using your designer credentials here?

In the appsettings config file, you can set the designer URL, was that changed?

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There is indeed no connection. It would show different error if credentials were not correct.

You said ‘since 1 hour’ - did anything change on your side? designer is up and running and we haven’t observed any disruption in its working.

Let’s conduct our ‘usual’ sanity checks:

  1. Are you able to import the same questionnaire on the demo server?
  2. If you try to open/login to designer FROM the server, does it work?
  3. Have you installed any new software on your server, any changes to the network configuration you are aware of?
  4. Following @ashwinikalantri question, did you make any changes to the appsettings?
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It works now. May be, it was a temporary problem in our network but it was any change on the server.