Error Connecting Interviewer App on Android Devices to Survey Solutions

Hi Sergiy,

Sorry for another message – I will try and make this message clearer than the last one.

We have successfully managed to set up Survey Solutions on AWS (thanks for your help with this). However, we are now having problems linking the Interviewer App to Survey Solutions. We are getting an ‘Unexpected Error’ message when trying to login as an Interviewer – please see below.

We can access the endpoint URL via the web browser, both on our network and externally, using the same credentials above.

We appear to be having a similar problem to this poster here: Error on the Interviewer App, except we are hosting the server on AWS rather than on premise (as they were originally).

Please could you advise? Do you think the app needs a specific port open on the AWS firewall because it’s not a standard application?

Many thanks in advance,


Hello @AdamSalisbury,

  1. Please update to the current version. Your server is running a 2-year old version.
  2. Retry, ideally from a network with WiFi connection. Could be you have had an internet connection problem during login and the old version was not verbose about the problem.

Hi Sergiy,

It’s working now that we’ve updated the version. Many thanks!!

Great, thank you for confirming the problem was related to the older version of the app and does not apply to the contemporary version.

Best, Sergiy