Error 8034 on tablets

Dear Survey Team,

We have recently had two tablets which are showing the following error when we try to sync the Interviewer tablet with the Supervisor offline tablet:


Do you have any idea what this error could relate to?

Device and connection statistics

  • Device model: Tablet samsung SM-P585 (M1AJQ.P585JXS3CTL1)
  • Interviewer App version: 21.06.3 (build 29729) — Up to date
  • Device assignment date: 2020-01-22 00:00:00 (UTC)
  • Android version 8.1.0 OMr1(27)

Kind regards

Eugene Ehlers

Probably the error is thrown by Google Play Services:

Never seen that before. If other tablets are working fine, reset the 2 affected ones.

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Please check that Location Permissions are granted for the application.

Hi Vitalii,

The location permissions should be granted as the tablets was syncing (and enabled to capture GPS locations) before and started out of the blue with this error, but thank you, I’ll just confirm that they are enabled.

Kind regards

Dear Survey Solutions,

We encountered another tablet related to this error message. Have you since my last communication had any similar encounters? Or are you aware of any other users with this problem? We have checked and confirmed that all permissions has been granted for the Interviewer app on the tablet.

Kind regards
Eugene Ehlers

Perhaps this?