Error 405 while trying to archive assignment

We have several versions of the questionnaire and some assignments have been made for the older version. We now want to archive those old assignments, so that assignments would be removed and would not appear on the interviewer tables.
When we try to archive assignments we get error 405. Could someone help how to overcome this or/and how to properly remove old assignments and make a new one with the new version of the questionnaire?

Error message: Request failed with error code 405.

Same error appear if assignment is closed or not.

Thank you very much beforehand.

When I do the same action on the demo server, I do not have this experience:

Hence the issue is not reproducible using the description provided.

Thank you, … I can understand that this is not happening on the demo server. but what this status 405 means and why we are unable to archive assignments on our server?

Just to add, we have now close down assignments on old versions of questionnaire, so this will probably caused they will not appear on tablets any more after interviewer synchronize tablets.
Is this assumption correct?

I also have new question:
If we get finished interview, which is rejected by supervisor or HQ because of quality issues, can we somehow reassign this interview back to interviewer, so that he/she will be able to correct it. Basically can interview which is marked as complete be open again and corrected by interviewer or supervisor/HQ?

I just found
If I read correctly … proper way is next: Interview is marked as completed, synchronized, market as rejected and than can be re-assigned to same or other interviewer. Interviewer will than be able to open questionnaire with already collected info and correct errors or add/change data in that interview, Is this correct understanding?

See e.g.
and numerous other internet resources on HTTP response codes.

No idea. More information is needed.

Yes, that is the point of close assignment action introduced in v19.10

Maybe someone else can help with status 405 meaning and help how to overcome it.

@sergiy is definitely trying to help, you’re just not providing enough information. Can you be more specific what do you do and when do you get this error?

  • what version of Survey Solutions are you running?
  • are you trying to close an assignment via pressing button in gui (what exactly happens on the screen, how do you get 405) or are you getting this error after issuing the API close call?

405 is a http error code that should not happen on the interface - if you see a button and there is an error in clicking, that may be a bug in our system. But on the other hand, if you’re trying to send an API request, you may be not forming it correctly.

I’m not using API but WEB interface.
I go to older version questionnaire assignment, I select it and I presented with 3 buttons: ASSIGN, CLOSE, ARCHIVE.
If I press ARCHIVE button, in right upper corner I get pop-up red error message saying:
Error: Request failed with status code 405.
It doesn’t matter if assignment is Expected 1 or 0, or Collected 1 or 0.

Thank you very much for your help.
I believe we use newest version, installed 2 months ago: v20.10.4.2460.

:slight_smile: the newest version is 21.01 but still, let’s figure out what is going on. Can you send the headquarers[date].log file to the support at mysurvey dot solutions email address?

I have send log file to e-mail. Waiting for your feedback. Thank you very much…

Nothing came to the email. The address is all over the place so no point for me to complicate things, in case there was a confusion, did you send (can you send again) to address?

We received the log file, thanks! let me continue responding here so that other users who may encounter similar issues can benefit from the solution (if and when we find it).

The logs don’t seem to show anything on the server side, can there be something happening between the your browser and the server? i.e. application firewall installed in front of the server or something else that is trimming/modifying requests/responses?
Can you try to archive assignment with the browser’s developer panel on? you need to press F12 and something like this will show up (I use firefox, chrome or edge will look slightly different), on the tab network you will be seeing all the requests going to the server, so once this panel visible, press on archive and post here what you see?

as you see, in the case of trying this on the demo server I get successful code 200 (archive is done with ‘DELETE’ method) but you are getting 405 so I’m wandering what system does that error come from, as it is most likely not from us (i.e. survey solutions server)