Enabling question if certain responses aren't selected

Hello. I have a question that should be enabled if response option number 1 is not selected in F02B9 (which is a multi-select question) or if response option 1 is not selected in F02B9b (a single-select question). I have programmed the following enabling condition but it is not working.

Condition: !F02B9.Contains(1)||F02B9b!=1

I have tested the conditions independently and they work fine by themselves but when I try to enable the question if either of the conditions are met, it breaks and does not work at all. Can you provide guidance about how I could make this condition work?

Thank you,


Leenisha, what does the above mean? Like the tablet is switching off?

No, it means that the neither part of the condition works when I try to use them together. The conditions work independently but they do not seem to work when the two conditions are entered together.

Need more details.

I have created a test questionnaire based on your example, entered test data and see the last question enabled for s=1 and m=(2,3,4) and disabled for s=1 and m=(1,2,3,4)

This example is looking at three questions: F02B9, F02B9b and F02A7C.

The first question is F02B9, and that appears as it should.
The second question, F02B9b, also appears as it should, which is when !F02B9.Contains(1).
The third question, F02A7C, is the issue. This question should only appear IF !F02B9.Contains(1) or F02B9b!=1, which is what I’ve programmed (!F02B9.Contains(1)||F02B9b!=1).

You will see in the first screenshot that F02B9b did not open because 1 is selected at F02B9, which is correct, but F02A7C is still displaying.

F02A7C also displays if F02B9b is opened but 1 is entered at that question:

F02A7C should not be displayed however, if 1 is selected at F02B9 or F02B9b.


I think you are confused because you are omitting the case when the F02B9b is not asked and not answered (it appears from you description that there is a condition on F02B9b depending on F02B9).

When the question is not ASKED its value is NULL and this value IS different from 1. Hence condition F02B9b!=1 is automatically granted when the F02B9b is NOT asked.

To the extent that I understand the logic of your questionnaire, I have created a demo section “Phone and internet”, which you can inspect.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you, Sergiy. Your example creates the questionnaire flow that we wanted.

You’re always welcome!