Enabling conditions in the multiple rosters

I am using two nested rosters in the questionnaire. (Let me call Roster 1 & Roster 2(nested one))
The source of the Roster 1 is Fixed set, and that of the Roster 2 is the List question.

Then, I’d like to set up enabling condition for the questions in Roster 2, which is conditioned by the Fixed set described in the Roster 1.

Lots of thanks.

Could you please clarify the question? What kind of condition you wish to write?

Sure, this helps.

Create a calculated variable IsStudent with expression @rowcode==5 at the fixed roster level.

Then in the nested roster you can refer to it in a condition IsStudent==true.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thank you for your reply.

Roster1(Fixed set) contains the category name of the occupation, including “5:students”.
In Roster2, I made a question that asks for the namelist of the HH members who engages the each occupation.
And, I would like to use the enabling condition for the questions in Roster 2 so that the questions will be asked for the “students” only.

So, I would like to refer the row in the Roster 1, on the questions in the Roster 2.

I can solve the problem.

I really appreciate your answer.


Dear Haruki, thank you for confirming. Best, Sergiy