Enabling conditions in roster questions


I have looked all over the forum for an answer, but had not success.
I have been working on a survey where the respondent A is asked about her/his experience with B/C/D/E. I have created a roster asking the same questions to B/C/D/E. The problem I am facing now is that, depending on a specific prefilled information, A will be asked different questions regarding B/C/D/E. While the prefilled question is the same for B/C/D/E, the answer changes. In the cover, I have the same question for each B/C/D/E, prefilled with different values.
I don’t seem to find a way to put an enabling condition to the roster question that would take into account the different answers B/C/D/E might have for the prefilled information.
Putting something such as q_prefilledB==1 || q_prefilledC==1 || q_prefilledD==1 clearly doesn’t work, since Survey Solutions returns me the question for q_prefilledC==1 even when q_prefilled_C==0, just because q_prefilledB==1.

Is there any way to solve the issue so that the enabling conditions are specific to B/C/D/E?

If you need different behavior in the roster depending on what item you are talking about (B/C/D/E) then you can examine the @rowcode which will return you the code of the item as defined in the trigger question or fixed roster. For example, you can have a condition:

(urban==1) && (@rowcode.InList(1,3))

which will enable the question only if it is items B or D and the [preloaded] variable urban is 1.

The rest of your problem setting I don’t understand.

Thank you for the precious help, Sergiy, @rowcode solves my problem.