Enabling conditions based on Randomized Questions


I have randomized a series of questions using macros. I now need to write enabling conditions that rely on the answers to these randomized questions. However, I do not see how I can do this, as the order of these questions will be randomized. How can I write these enabling conditions?

Enabling/skip conditions imply logical dependencies between questions while randomization implies no dependencies. How are the two united in your survey?

We have four questions: A, B, C, and D.

The order of questions A and B are randomized (we did this using macros).

C should only be displayed if the answer to question A is “No,” and D should only be displayed if the answer to question B is “No.”

We developed a way to do this in which we also randomize C and D using the same random number seed we used to randomize A and B. This way we can ensure the A/C and B/D align in the the order in which they are presented. Are there other solutions out there?