Enabling condition with roster and categorical single select

How do I enable QS6 with S5b and age. Print screen is attached for reference.

In which case do you want to enable. Be more precise.


IsAnswered(QS5) && !HHroster.Any(x=>x.S5b==null || x.age==null)

S5 has the roaster which has names + their gender and age
S6 should not be opened unless all details of the roster have been filled. That is all the names should have age and gender data and then S6 should be visible.

It’s shown compilation error.

I don’t think so.
What is the compilation error?

Thank you so much sergiy. it’s working fine. it will be QS5b insted S5b.

need one more support.

QFERT is numeric variable with special value as 98 and 99
QCHGENb should be only if numberic value is 1 to 15. if opted 98 and 99 it should not be enabled.

QFERT is mixed numeric variable with “open box” and “special value as 98 and 99”.
QCHGENb should be only if numeric value is 1 to 15 in open box. if opted 98 and 99 by radio button, it should not be enabled.