Enabling condition when GPS is error

How can I include in an enabling condition that a question P2 is enabled when the GPS question P1 is not null or is an error?
Actually i express it as “P2!=null” but if and error ocures in GPS it returns “Null” then the survey gets interrupted, and i need to continue in that case.

A GPS question can be:

  • answered , when Survey Solutions function IsAnswered(Q) evaluates to true, or

  • not answered, when Survey Solutions function IsAnswered(Q) evaluates to false.

Regarding the errors in GPS questions, there are two kinds:

  • error of acquisition - the device tried to acquire the coordinates, but failed. In that case you will not know of the attempt. Because, (despite the red message indication informing the interviewer to retry), the state of the interview doesn’t change as a result of a failed attempt.

  • error of validation - the measurement has arrived and has been recorded as an answer to the question (the state of the interview has changed), but the validation logic of the questionnaire (that you’ve put in) dictates that that answer should be flagged as an error. If you need to determine this, then just use the same condition you’ve put into the validation, to determine if the question has been answered with or without an error.

The rest of your description is not clear, especially “… the survey gets interrupted”. Are you experiencing a crash?

Best, Sergiy

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