Enabling condition using Categorical Multi Select

Hello everyone I’m new here.

Here is my question.
I want to make an enabling condition that is based from a Categorical Multi Select question, I want to enable the next question (or subsection) if all the questions in the multi select row were answered. This is just a yes/no answer for 7 rows, i want to make sure all 7 rows were answered, and for the last row, if a yes has been selected and a subquestion shows up (like others…then please specify subquestion will show up), i also want to have it included in the enabling condition that that subquestion too should not be null.

Thank you.

Hi @OliverPA ,

I think what you are looking for is the function Length
For example, the enabling condition to your next question (say Q2, that has three options) would be :


That way, Q2 is activated if the respondent has chosen “yes” to the last option of Q1 (i.e the hird one in that example).
Then, to solve the second part of your problem, the third question, that is activated only if all the “yes/no” optiions of Q1 and Q2 (Q1 having 3 options here, and Q2 having four options) have been answered, the activation condition for Q3 should be something like that :
Q1.Length == 3 && Q1.Yes.Contains(3) && Q2.Length == 4 ? true : Q1.Length == 3 && !Q1.Yes.Contains(3) : true
→ The above doesn’t work, as I don’t know the syntax for multiple conditions using the ternary operator (?:). But at least you have something to work with !

The condition : Q1.Yes.Contains(3) ? (Q2.Length == 4) : true works but doesn’t activate the question when the third item for Q1 is “no”.

Hope that helps somehow,

Is this the questionnaire structure intended here?