Enabling condition referring to linked multi-select questions

Dear all,
I am having problems specifying an enabling condition for one of the modules of my survey: https://solutions.worldbank.org/questionnaire/details/19662926ca4142e9b3b0088cf6019294/chapter/b02e534a350ec83f887e1b75047f88ff/group/533cc878b59f2b6db94d2fce5b40ace1

In particular, I would like to enable module [K3] Intercropping season 1, only for those plots that have been selected in question j1_17.
Please note that j1_17 is a multi-select question linked to the plot roster (plotroster_s1) in module J Available Land.

Thank you in advance for your help,
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Dear Paola,

please see section “Regular job holders” in “User questions and common patterns” questionnaire for an example.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Sergiy,

I have a similar question and searched the forum for “Regular job holders” and “User questions and common patterns” and can’t locate the text you refer to.

For a variable SP_maint_inv_details I have a question “Does this inventory contain any of the following details:” with the multi-select answers including "96 “Other (please specify)”.

So the next question “Specify the other details the inventory contains” is with enabling condition: SP_maint_inv_details==96

But Compilation returns an error message “[WB0003]:Enabling condition has a syntax error.” Unfortunately we can’t copy-paste the extra details of the error messages as every time we hover the mouse on it, it disappears, but to type it out: "Operator “==” cannot be applied to operands of type “int[]” and “int”.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Hi, I know it is a late, late answer, but since I was experiencing the same problem recently maybe my answer will help. The code for enabling condition referring to linked multi-select questions that I use is


Example: j1_17.Contains(2)

Thanks to COVID-19 Survey of NSOs survey:(https://designer.mysurvey.solutions/questionnaire/details/55d7deda24e148cc85a047b895c8bf41)