Enabling condition in a nested roster

I need help please! I want to incorporate an enabling condition in questions about a crop roster nested in a plot roster. I am asking the question on “quantity harvested” for crop_i on plot_j.
Say, I have crop codes: 1. Groundnut; 2. Soybean; 3. Maize; 4. cabbage; 5. Sorghum; 6. Okra; 7. Paprika; 8. Onion. And my crop roster source question is ‘categorical multi-select’ so that plot_j could have more than one crop. I am NOT interested in knowing “quantity harvested” for groundnut, soybean and maize.
Here is my challenge: I need to put in an enabling condition for the question on “quantity harvested” so the it is only active when the crop selected for plot_j is NOT groundnut (1) or soybean(2) or maize(3). I have tried the various renditions of your expression: “value.Contains*()”, but have been unsuccessful. The challenge is, when someone selects say groundnut (1) and Okra(6) for plot_j, the “quantity harvested” question becomes active for both crops instead of being active for only Okra(6) as I want. Could you please help on this? See attachment for plot table. Many thanks


please refer to the Release Notes for version 4.2.0:

Pages 3 and 4 are most relevant and illustrate exactly this situation when a question must be skipped in a particular row of the roster.

Note that the fact that your roster of crops is nested into something shouldn’t matter here, since the rule is the same for all plots.

To skip the whole row one can put a condition on the @rowcode, such as @rowcode!=1 && @rowcode!=2 && @rowcode!=3.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin