Enabling condition does not work

I’m revising my old survey solution program for incoming survey. The enabling condition such as

age >= 65

worked last time but not anymore. To double check, I’ve created a new question with an enabling condition from scratch, but it does not work either. Why?

I have resolved this problem by updating the program on the tablet. Thank you very much.


it is good to know the problem does not appear with the most recent version, but for the reference, which version was installed on the tablet before the update? and which error message were you getting? Thank you, Sergiy

Dear Kei Kajisa, thank you for this information. The conditions engine was revised since then, so that’s why updating helped. Sincerely, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Sergiy

I used to use version 5.22.10 which was used our survey in 2017 Oct-- 2018 Feb.
With this version I did not get any error message but the questions just did not show up even when the enabling condition was satisfied.