Enabling condition 2

Hi! We would like to add an enabling condition that allow to move to next section (ie Section B) only if all the mandatory questions of previous section (Section A) were filled out. How can we do that?

Thanks a lot!

Use the function IsAnswered(QuestionNameHere)

Thanks, but how if I would like all the questions for a section to be answered ?

IsAnswered(Q1) && IsAnswered(Q2) && … && IsAnswered(Qk)

Thanks for your answer. I meant if survey solutions offers a simple way to do that but it seems that one have to go question by question, right?

How else would it know what are the


Maria_Cucagna am having the same kind of problem with of enabling condition i want skip to another section if some answers are “No” so please i need your help if you could help me with this thanks in advance.