Enablement condition on rowcode of roster

Dear Support,

I have a long list of items for a multi-select question which is the source question for a roster. Within the roster, I want to enable certain questions for only certain row items. So, I end up with an enablement conditions that looks like:
@rowcode == 101 || @rowcode == 102 || @rowcode == 305 ||…

Is there a more concise way to create this condition? I tried using @rowcode.ContainsAny(101,102,…), but it didn’t work.

Thanks! Michael

Dear Michael, try InList() function. Best, Sergiy


following up the earlier reply. more specifically: ((long?)@rowcode).InList(101,102,305)

For Contains() function you must start with a list:
new decimal[]{101,102,305}.Contains(@rowcode)

Please confirm if the issue is resolved.


The second option seems to have worked. Many thanks, Michael