Enable roster from yes/no

I have to roster a series of questions based on the respondent not having a particular food in their diet using a multi select yes/no question. I enabled my roster with the following syntax

However my roster only has the items I said yes to. Am i doing this correctly ?

Additionally I have 15 items is there a better way to write this syntax so that I don’t list all items in the brackets?


Unfortunately, a roster triggered by a multiselect yes/no question will only have items where the response was “Yes”. I would make this as a fixed roster with all your items with the codes being the same as in your multiselect and the enabling condition would be: diet.No.Contains(@rowcode)

There might be a more efficient way to do it.

I have not found an easier to way to write out the 15 items but if you have to use those 15 items in syntax throughout the questionnaire, I would suggest putting those 15 codes in a macro.

Also consider revising the question to the opposite, such as “which of the following foods did you NOT eat in the last 7 days?” Then the marked items may trigger your roster directly.