Enable certain options

I have a question e1. with multi select options… I want e2 (single select) to enable only the options selected on e1. i.e.

e1. Which of the following sources of water does your establishment use?

  1. Sonede
  2. Well and pump
  3. Water tanks
  4. Other

If only option 1 and 3 are selected then e2. should look like:

e2. What is the main source of your enterprise’s water?

  1. Sonede
  2. Water tanks

Note: question e2 will contain same options as e1, but will only display the ones selected on e1.

“Enable only the options” from a previous categorical question is done using Filter in Survey Solutions which is described here.

Assuming e1 is Categorical: Multi-Select with Display Mode - Checkboxes add the following syntax to the Filter Box of e2:

> e1.Contains(@optioncode)

If e1 is Categorical: Multi-Select with Display Mode - Yes/No buttions:

> e1.Yes.Contains(@optioncode)

Asking e2 only makes sense if there are more than one sources of water, therefore consider adding an enabling condition on e2 such as: e1.Length>1 or e1.Yes.Length>1