Enable automatic updates option in HQ

Hi there,

I’m just after a bit more information on this setting. Is my understanding of how it works correct?

  1. It doesn’t stop the server version itself from updating - it only stops the automatic updates on the tablets which are behind the server version.
  2. It’s only a recommendation - in that if the system deems an update necessary the tablets will still need to update before connecting? I’m assuming for major new releases only this would happen?

If the above is correct, is there any real risk of data loss during fieldwork from not forcing tablets to update? We will install newest interview app version just before a fieldwork of around 3 weeks.


  1. Yes, setting affects only tablets - server communication
  2. Yes, we recommend not to turn this setting off

We are trying to update servers regularly with the new versions to deliver new features and hotfixes.

Setting “Enable automatic updates” affects only communication between server and tablet applications.
If it’s turned on server checks the tablet version of application and pushes putch to the tablet if server has a newer version of tablet application. If it’s turned off server will allow to sync other than current version on tablet app on the server. Except the tablet app version is too old or requires critical update. We are also trying to keep even major releases without necessity to update the tablet app. But on the other hand sometimes critical updates are needed for certain versions.

There is a probability that some issue would be found in the code that needs to be fixed. If it was found and fixed and we suspect that it could affect data collection process we are releasing hotfixes. Sometimes if you haven’t faced the issue yet delivering you a new version is preventing you from discovering it and have problems with data collection process.

There is no risk of data loss without this setting turned on.

User Stanislas Ozier has sent us the following question:

the last sentence from Vitalii is a bit confusing:
“There is no risk of data loss without this setting turned on.”
Which seems to mean there is no risk if auto updates are turned off.
Does this mean that there is a risk if turned on ?

The above-mentioned setting regulates whether the server demands the interviewer tablets to update to the server version (setting is checked) or tolerates earlier versions of the Interviewer App (setting is unchecked).

The setting is to prevent the interviewers to sit on an older version without updating (taking advantage of the bugfixes and new features).

I am not sure where either @lachb or @stanislaso see risks to the data in relation to this setting, but hope the behavior of the software is clear from the explanations in this thread.