Embedding survey solutions

We are planning to conduct a user survey of our platform and will like to use the survey solutions designer to design the questions, after which we then embed the questions on our platform.

Thus, before proceeding, I would like to know if it’s possible to embed the questionnaire generated from survey solutions designer, in a website or web-based platform. That is, can the survey questionnaire be generated as an embedded HTML that can then be attached or implemented on a web-based platform.

Where will the data be stored?

The data will be stored in survey solutions. Just wanted to know if it’s possible to attach the survey to a website (as an embedded HTML) instead of sending the survey link to users individually.

I don’t understand this terminology. Do you have an example?

So for example, you can prepare a google form survey, then embed the form as an HTML on a web platform, so that users who access the platform can access the survey directly on the web platform. Once completed, the survey data is stored in a spreadsheet.

Is this also possible with survey solutions? We are exploring using it for a web based survey.

Google forms does not give you the form in HTML but rather gives a link to the frame source that you could use in a frame of your site, which is:

  width="#" height="#" frameborder="0" 
marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">



AFAIK you will not be able to embed a Survey Solutions survey into a frame and if you manage to do this, please do let me know, as there are associated security risks (see for example Clickjacking).

What is the problem with our way of doing it?

There is no problem, just that we are trying to capture all users that access our platform for the survey.

I don’t understand. You say that there is no problem to do it the way Survey Solutions is designed to do it, but you want to do it somehow differently.

If you are running a site that sells widgets, and you want to do a survey of the widget users, you put a link from your site to the Survey Solutions server with one infinite assignment and collect those feedbacks.

If you want to survey just the buyers, then you send them personalized links to the specific assignments generated for each buyer.

And if you want to do something else, then please do describe it in detail.

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