Email Setup in Survey Solutions

Hello Team,

Does Survey Solutions allow for one to set up their own email provider. Say for instance I have a subscription with G-Suite or Office 365?


If you want Survey Solutions to do the sending of emails, then the email service provider has to be one of the listed here:

If you wish to use any different service provider, you obtain the list of the links from Survey Solutions and send them out using your own code.

Thank you for the clarification. It helped.

Can we write external functions to be used in Survey Solutions? For instance if I want to capture fingerprint…

Can You provide a bit more details?

Is there some devices that allow collecting fingerprints directly?
I’m not sure how such data is stored, my guess this is a plain image?

The devices that can be used include Secugen Unity 20, I do also have the H5 device, both of which I do have their sdks. For the H5 device, their is no fingerprint template to store the fingerprints thus not usable. Unity 20 device has the fingerprint template for use.

The discussion here is not related to the original topic in the header line regarding setting up an email service provider. Please, start a new thread for unrelated questions.

You can write:

  • enabling conditions (boolean)
  • validation conditions (boolean)
  • filtering conditions (boolean)
  • calculation expressions (boolean, numeric, string or date types).

Since these are evaluated thousands of times (and both on the tablet and on the server) there is no point even trying to call something external (like poll sensor data) from these expressions.

@alfeg asked you how is the data stored.

To elaborate, this can be:

  • image, example
  • something else, in which case describe what something else is, how it is formatted, used, and stored.

This is because your only chance (as far as I can see it) is to channel the fingerprint object into something that Survey Solutions can handle already (number, text, image). Anything else would require modification of the source code, hence this is only what the developers can do.

So if your sensor can yield

  • a numeric or alphanumeric digest, then use a text field and copy/paste from there.
  • an image, then upload the fingerprint image to the image question.

Note, people don’t want their fingerprint to be stored as image and circulated around for a good reason. Which ethical committee will approve such a design?

You provided a zero-length description of how the fingerprints will be used in your project. While that part is key to answer whether this is at all worth doing. For example, if you are using fingerprints to identify the same person in the second visit, then clearly this is not going to fly, since as a malicious interviewer I will just store the image/text from the first visit and upload/enter them again to guarantee a match, without even visiting the household.

What is your story?