Email service provider


try to activate the email sending service, but it keeps loading in the confirmation.

I have used it many times but this has never happened to me.

I have a single ApiKey in sendgrid and the email is verified.

What could be wrong?

I have been waiting for more than 30 minutes and the confirmation has not finished, in the past it was almost immediate.


Version 23.09 ???

If you are using a Docker version of Survey Solutions then please update, 23.09 has been already pushed out with this fix.


If you are using a Windows installer, then please wait and update when the Windows installer for 23.09 becomes available for downloads.

Best, Sergiy

I use the
windows installer,

When can it be available?

Does it work with a previous version?

I need to send 6000 short surveys by mail today

Today - unrealistic.
By end of the week - likely.

If possible, delay and wait.
If need today and you haven’t started collecting the data yet, uninstall Survey Solutions from the server and DB (loosing all changes), install 23.04, setup email provider, then update Survey Solutions (to the currently released version 23.06.2) and re-import the questionnaire and re-do the assignments.

I installed 21.9, it is the only one I had saved,

just set BaseUrl and it works perfect.

Thanks for the responses, after completing this survey I will go up to 23 09

All versions are here: Releases · surveysolutions/surveysolutions · GitHub