Email notifications, how can i construct these ones?

Does Survey Solutions handle this type of email notifications?

  1. Email to supervisor, when interviewer complete a survey
    (an automatic way to notify supervisors when a survey is ready for review)

  2. Email to interviewer, when supervisors reject a survey
    (interviewers require a notification saying that they have to attend comments made by supervisor, specifying that they should only edit the answers that the supervisors marked with a comment that needed and update)

Do you know if this is possible and where can i find these templates?


Hello @vladi,

from which source have you learned about these notifications?

Best, Sergiy

Hi @sergiy ! their are just some use cases i need to know if the platform allows,

do you know if ss can generate this notifications?


I think the documentation is quite clear about this:

Yes, clearly it is possible to take the source code of Survey Solutions and modify it to have this new feature.

Hi thanks !, still i think that the issue with this post is unrelated to the documentation link you provided.

What i mean is, if the platform can gave me automatic notifications for:

Case 1: Notifying Supervisor of Survey Completion

  • Platform automatically sends email to supervisor when a registered interviewer completes a survey they oversee (or from an interviewer user that they oversee)

Case 2: Alerting Interviewer about Rejected Survey

  • Platform automatically sends email to interviewer when a registered supervisor (thats related and must supervise their interviews) rejects their completed survey, including necessary revisions or feedback.

could this be done within this tool with templating?

i found this on the documentation:

this use case may satisfy case. 2:

but for case.1, i dont know if this type of notification can be sent to the supervisor (making it OK for no. 1):


  • Can the platform send notifications to supervisors once the interviewers they are responsible for have completed their assignments?

  • Is there a feature in the platform that sends notifications to interviewers when their completed surveys are rejected by their supervisors?

i thinks this are really common use cases/escenarios for a survey tool, and i’m wondering/asking if ssolution contains this 2 types of notifications.


  1. Survey Solutions does send notifications to the RESPONDENTS in web-survey (web-assignments, CAWI interiews). These are the email templates that you’ve found.

  2. Survey Solutions does not send notifications to the STAFF involved in data collection (interviewers, supervisors, HQ-users, etc). That is the link that I have provided.

Best, Sergiy

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Hi Sergiy,

and in the whole use cases of this sw, there was never a road to include notifications between staff profiles?

if i want to create this notifications, do you think i can check / use log tables ? (event or system log tables?)


Hi Sergiy,

regarding the source code:

its possible to download or access source code so i can fork / work on notifications?


  • I posted the link to the source code in my reply above.
  • I have corrected the outdated page that you’ve mentioned to reflect on availability of the source code.

Let me know if you find other outdated information. As I explained in this thread this used to be a closed-source project, but not anymore.

if i want to create this notifications with python scripting outside the ssolution system, do you think i can get / check / use log tables ? (event or system log tables?) and work with that.