Email address from web intervier

User Cyriane has asked the following question:

might have put their email in the pop up window that opens up at the beginning asking for their email in order to pause and restart the questionnaire. Where (if possible) can we see this email address?

This email address is immediately processed on the server by adding a notification to the queue (from which it is sent out with the email sender service). The HQ or admin of the server will not have any trace of it in the interface.

If needed for forensics, perhaps, consult the sending service’s logs (e.g. the Amazon SES logs) to see which interview__id was sent to which email. Identifying respondents based on this field is not reliable, since I can put somebody else’s email there in principle.

Also I understand that if they indicated the email and we reject the questionnaire it will arrive to this email?

No, it will not. The reject procedure will be guided by the email associated with the web-assignment at assignment creation only.

Best, Sergiy