Eliminate initial email login for respondents

Hello all,
I’m running online surveys in several languages, each of which has its own weblink. The links are working fine, but the problem is that when the respondent clicks on a link, an initial window pops up in English asking for their email.

Is there a way to disable this popup window? My respondents won’t be able to read English, so this will just get them stuck and make them quit doing the survey. I don’t want to send reminders etc so don’t need surveysolutions to gather email addresses like this. And can’t seem to find a way to translate it anyway.

Thanks for telling me how to disable this popup before they get to the survey!


The email is asked to provide an opportunity for the respondent to fill out a long survey in multiple sessions.

If the system already knows the email (attached to assignment) it should not ask for an email.

Hence, try to specify a fake or e.g. your own email address when making assignments. Then distribute the links to respondents manually.

Unfortunately when you add an email to the assignment, the system limits the permitted number of respondents to 1 – which wouldn’t support our project to send the link to several respondents.

Any other ideas?

This only means that you will create so many assignments as you have respondents and send them the individual links.

We will be sharing one web link, which will be used by many respondents. Is there a way to get the email popup requirement eliminated in this context?

This sounds like that you are specifically intend to deny yor respondents the possibility to continue filling out a survey form in case of any connectivity disruption (which may happen in the most hi-tec countries and definitely will happen in the context of developing ones).

Additionally, this will make impossible to continue in case of a timeout in filling up the form.

Survey Solutions perceives this as an invalid setup and will not afaik permit you to create such a setup.

If you have any justification for such a setup please provide a detailed description.

For the moment the only way to implement what you are describing is to create an active server page that would have the same URL but different content leading to different assignments. You can implement it e.g. in PHP or a similar language polling the table of the links corresponding to assignments and marking the ones that have been served already, so that they are never surved again.

All of the assignments will need to have a fake email (e.g. yours).

Any rejection that you do in such a setup will go to that email and the respondents will not be able to follow-up. All in all this is a strange setup that I don’t understand.

The problem is that our respondents speak only Arabic, and the pop up box is in English and can’t be translated. So they would not know to put in their email address to be recontacted, and instead will assume the link isn’t correct and won’t do the survey.

The survey is just 5 minutes long, so we’re not too worried about timeouts. If there is a connectivity disruption during that time, we imagine the respondents would simply not complete the survey. What we are worried about are significantly lower response rates given that people will not understand this popup window.

Just two years ago there was no option in the online surveysolutions to put in your email before initialising, and resume later. Surely there is a way to make it non-mandatory now, or at least allow for translation into other languages? Perhaps an option to include in a future version of the platform? Thanks!

In the end the problem is related to a missing translation text in Arabic for the corresponding dialog, this will be provided in the next release and should reduce the confusion,

Best, Sergiy

Great, thank you for your assistance.