Effect of Healthy Transitions intervention in improving family planning uptake among adolescents and young women in Western Nepal: A pre-and post-intervention study

Just came across this article published online (June 2023) in PLOS ONE and available through National Library of Medicine:

This study aimed at measuring the effect of Healthy Transitions’ intervention on improving knowledge and use of modern family planning methods among AGYW in Nepal.

Data was collected through Survey Solutions, a software allowing it to be administered using mobile phones, allowing for automated skip patterns, and eliminating the need for data entry from paper surveys. The survey tool was pretested to ensure the quality and necessary modification was done in the flow of the questionnaire and language style. The data collection for this study took place twice, before and after the intervention with the same participants. A face to face interview was carried out to collect the data, and each interview lasted for 30-45min. The trained enumerators collected the data before the intervention in February- March 2019 for baseline and after the intervention in March 2020 for endline. The enumerators were trained on the data collection process and research ethics before conducting interviews and the field work, managers and field supervisors worked closely to oversee data quality and to provide the team with technical assistance.