Edit Survey Records

Once data has been collected on an active survey or a completed survey is it possible to edit the data directly, having access to where it is stored (web) or only just by assigning the survey back to the tablet. If possible directly, how? please share the steps or reference materials. Thanks

Currently, only the person who captured the data may edit the data. If a supervisor of headquarters notices a problem in an interviewer’s interview, they need to reject it back to the interviewer for the data to be edited/the issue to be fixed.

However, there has been some discussion on the forum about whether editing by the supervisor or headquarters would be desirable.

Once the survey is completed, you are expected to download the data and vacate the server. If this happens before the announced server expiration date, request the server decommission manually through the self-service portal:

Why do you want to edit the data?

Thanks Arthur, are you saying then that the data CANNOT BE edited other than in the tablet after being rejected by a supervisor and that data can ONLY be edited by the one that captured it?

Correct, but with the nuance Sergiy provided: the data can also be edited post-export, outside of Survey Solutions.

So, to summarize, data editing takes place in one of the following ways:

  • By the user that collected the data (e.g., supervisor rejects interview to interviewer, interviewer fixes data, interviewer sends interview to server again)
  • By someone in exported data (e.g., HQ exports data, preserves these raw export data, makes secondary edits to raw data and creates new set of edited files)

Hope that clarifies rather than confuses.

thanks to both.

Arthur - clear!
Segiy - this has been a practice that we have done in our data collection efforts, have found it very efficient if can be done directly in the web, not using the tablet. So when downloading the data, from the server, then it is already clean/edited.

I don’t understand. How a supervisor can put an answer that an interviewer himself could not record??

Not necessary the supervisor but there are follow up processes when reviewing data, along the data collection, so if there are outliers or when doing spot checks then there are follow up calls to respondents and after that happens data is edited based on this response. This is done directly on the web without the need to download the data and without having to create additional datasets. What I am after, with all my questions, was to understand if there is an option to make edits directly in the database, which is the case in the software we are currently using. I am comparing the features in order to make an informed decision to migrate to survey solutions, and the comparison point is what we currently have.

This has been directly answered in 4.27 here:

To me this is contradictive. To find outliers you need to inspect the whole data, something outside of the scope of view of the supervisor.

Thanks Sergiy for sharing that reference.
About your comment on the supervisor, I think this is based on the actual role of this individual not necessary how the supervisor role is defined in survey solutions. Maybe this is what sounds bizarre to you. The supervisor and the enumerators (peer review) even play a key role on looking and validating the data during the process and after. That is the reason we have seen that this has worked for us over time.

Additionally, what is the situation if we are hosting in our server, could we access directly to the data without having to download it?